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Bucky Ball


Updated April 2, 2007
Code optimizations. onMouseOver support now working (first checks for onclick and, if not found, checks for onmouseover.)

Updated March 15, 2007
Small fixes.

Updated September 27, 2006
Myriad of changes/fixes
This is in beta development.
It is confirmed to work with Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a1 on win32.

Test the extension with the following link:

Click to test ViewTrueURL
OnMouseOver Test

View True URL gets the true url of links that use the onClick attribute. At its current stage of development it does the following:

1. When an element is detected to have an onClick attribute "View True URL" appears in the browser context menu.
2. Placing your mouse over the context menu item shows the url in a tooltip.
3. Clicking on the context menu item copies the url to the clipboard.

Planned Improvments:
1. Navigation to true url via right click.
2. If no url found in code then pop-up acctual js code.
3. onmouseover support.

URL as shown in Status Bar without ViewTrueURL
Normal link as shown in status bar

Viewing of true URL
View True URL Feature: mouseover.


Remove Yahoo Link Tracking with this GreaseMonkey Script:


Add a graphical link to your Yahoo Fantasy MLB player's gamelog:


Add a player search box to your fantasy baseball team page


Bypass the download time delay


Bypass the rapidshare d/l countdown (upd. 7/2007)

             On download delay bypass (js version of the CSS hack below):


Bypass the countdown timer delay on


Bypass the oxyshare d/l countdown either with jscript enabled or blocked:


Add a graphical icon with a direct link to the player's game log:


Add a player search box to the "My Team" view on Yahoo Fantasy NFL:


Normalize the torrent links on pisexy:


Automatically disable google content search filter:


Add a link to download videos from


Bypass the time countdown on


Adds a download link to 07/2007)


Free Live Stats for Yahoo Fantasy NFL


Free Stats for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

Works with Yahoo's latest changes updated Jan 2007 - warn if unsafeWindow in script


Sourceforge Direct Links

             On video download link



Minimize the space that the Go Button takes in the toolbar:

Widen Demonoid's main content and remove date headers from "My Torrents":

Instantaneously download files from with this style:

Remove the paypal icon from the DownloadThemAll Manager:

Remove the jerkiness from the Greasemonkey GUI and widen it:

Use the Firebird style Tab Throbber for loading pages:

Alternate Restart Icon for Mr. Tech Local Install

Position the Restart Icon for Mr Tech Local Install with the other MTLI icons:

Remove the annoying translucent backgrounds from

Immediately show the download links on

Cross out disabled sentension icons for easier recognition:

Add a marker icon on the top of an extenion's icon which has disabled updates:

Yahoo intentionally hides their fantasy pages when JS is disabled, prevent this:

Remove the map image overlay:

Others' extensions updated and/or altered