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Connecticut Survivalist Alliance
Nationwide Militia Links

Last updated on 8.31.09  

The media is finally learning that militias and survivalists aren't all racists and extremists.

All it's taken is a good dose of Islamophobia. 
Maybe the ADL will even learn.
Some feel that having a simple, easily understood system of laws and living by them is not too much to ask.
If that makes us "crazy" and "extremists" in your eyes, so be it.
We've been spoon-fed your lies long enough, and you call us crazy.

We realize that during a disaster or national emergency, many good people are going to die due to
wrong information. Contact one of these groups, we cannot vouch for all of them.
But consider these links as a starting point


Alabama Constitutional Militia

2nd Alabama Militia, Co. A - Tidewater Guards


Arizona Citizens Militia

Northern Arizona Militia

The Viper Reserves


American Rebel Militias

Christian Survivalist Alliance

Militia of Washington County, Arkansas

Militia of Washington County

Ozark Mountains Militia


California Militia

California Militia - MySpace

California Constitutional Militia

California Unorganized Militia

CA State Militia 31st Field Force (Medical)

31st Field Force Squad Alpha Forum


Northern Colorado Militia

Northern Colorado Militia Yahoo Group

Colorado State Defense Force (Provisional)


Connecticut 51st Militia

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance
The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA) is a nationwide, membership based organization.

Connecticut Patriot Alliance

Formerly known as the Northern Connecticut Constitutional Militia


Delaware Constitutional Militia


Florida Free Militia

Militia of Florida

Florida Militia - MySpace


Georgia Militia 1st Brigade, 3rd Battalion (1207th Squadron)

Militia of Georgia Toccoa Unit

The Georgia Militia Network


Rouge Nation Eternal Militia Hawaii Chapter - MySpace


Idaho Constitutional Citizens Militia


Illinois KISSATA

The Illinois State Militia (Unorganized)
167th Battalion, 21st FF

The Illinois Patriot Network
Illinois’s own networking forum which is sponsored by the ILSTM


Indiana Militia Corps
The Indiana Militia Corps is a constitutional, patriotic organization dedicated to preserving and defending the constitutions of the USA and Indiana, and our way of life. Pro-God, Pro-family, anti-UN, anti-racist, pro-liberty.

Indiana's Greene County Militia

2nd Brigade, Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia

3rd Brigade, Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia

14th Regiment Indiana State Militia

The Southern Indiana Regional Militia


Kentucky Militia Yahoo Message Group

Western Kentucky Militia Yahoo Message Group


Louisiana Militia MySpace  Page


The Maine Patriot Board

The Maine Patriot 
Home of the Maine Constitutional Militia

The United Militias of Maine
Has pages for
The Maine Patriot Militia, Maine Militia, and Maine Sons of Liberty


Third Special Operations Group
Wolfpack Six Militia

Operating in and around the Mason-Dixon Line. Mason-Dixon being the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland.ome of the Maine Constitutional Militia

Southern Sons of Liberty


Massachusetts Constitutional Militia


Lenawee Volunteer Michigan Militia

Michigan Militia

Wayne County Free and Independent Militia

Unorganized Michigan Naval Militia

Michigan Militia Wolf Pack (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


32nd FF Minnesota Militia

Minnesota Militia (Army of the Mississippi)

Minnesota Militia Yahoo Group


Mississippi Minuteman Militia

Mississippi Militia


Missouri 51st Militia


Militia of Montana

Militia of Montana


The Pack 44 Militia

Tall Grass Guard


Sierra Nevada Militia MySpace Page

New England Region

Eastern American Survival Training
(MSN group for Conn., Maine, Mass., N.H., R.I., and Vermont)

New England Militia Alliance Yahoo Group
(Yahoo Message group for Conn., Maine, Mass., N.H., R.I.,
and Vermont)

New Hampshire

Rogers' Rangers Twin State Militia

New Jersey

New Jersey Militia

New Mexico

Lea County Constitutional Militia

New York

New York Patriot Militia of Orange County

New York Militia Force Yahoo Group

Empire State Militia -11th Field Force

Fort Eagle

North Carolina

North Carolina Citizen's Militia

North Dakota

North Dakota State Militia



Southeastern Ohio Defense Force

Springfield Ohio Militia

†kgkmr™ *READY* aka Central Ohio RNEM Raiders
(Down at time of update)


Marietta Pennsylvania Militia

PA Citizen Militia: 1st Brigade
Elements of the Pennsylvania Citizens Militia have been arrested and
infiltrated by undercover FBI agents!

2-4 MACHSA "Mountain Men"

South Carolina

Civilian Special Force Group Fox Hound

South Dakota

South Dakota Unorganized Militia


Militia of East Tennessee


Texas State Guard -  Not the National Guard, but an officially sanctioned state militia organization

Texas Militia of Houston and Harris County

508th Regiment (Mountain)


Utah Militia 45th Force


Rogers Rangers Twin State Militia

Unorganized Militia of Vermont


Virginia Citizens Militia

Virginia Militia



Washington State Militia Yahoo Group

If your website is not listed, please E-mail with your info

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- George Washington



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